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About the company

Gelpo, s.r.o. is a leading producer of recycled rubber products in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Our history of rubber product production dates back to 1993, when the A.B.Zlín company was founded, which primarily focused on laying indoor and outdoor sports surfaces. The production itself was a supplement for the company. Production was expanded in 1999, when a new company, AB ELPO (ELastické POdlozky). was founded, which focused on the development and production of new products. Technological processes are constantly improving, and the company now employs 15 people and produces approximately 500 tons per year.

In 2012, GELPO (Rubber Elastic Inserts), a member of the REC Group s.r.o. was founded, which took over the production activity of AB ELPO in 2013. Production capacity, investment in new machines and the modernisation of old machines are being expanded.

In 2015, the company reached a production capacity of 2000 tons per year, which is the maximum for the production facility in Bohuslavice in Zlín, and so the next year moved to Uherský Brod.

In 2018, the company produced 2,500 tons of recycled rubber products.

Gelpo, s.r.o. is located in Uherský Brod, where together with ASSCO, s.r.o. and RPG Recycling, s.r.o comprises a division that focuses on the processing of rubber waste from collection, through pulp processing, to the production of finished EPDM and SBR rubber products.

Our company’s products:

  • Rubber surfaces for playgrounds and other sports grounds
  • Antivibration plates and washers
  • Rubber floors for stables for horses and cattle
  • Acoustic and non-reflective lining for shooting ranges
  • Rubber pads for building and mechanical engineering
  • and others.

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