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Floors for shooting ranges

To increase the efficiency and comfort of the shooter, we recommend combining anti-reflective (raster or smooth) rubber plates with a rubber floor for shooting ranges.

This is a combination of two different types of products/boards for shooting ranges - the so-called sandwich:

Lower layer

  • A relatively soft layer formed by smooth or raster plates that are anti-reflective, which makes movement on this surface very comfortable and in the case of a fall prevents damage to weapons or equipment.

Upper layer

  • Very strong and durable layer formed by puzzle boards. The puzzle joints mean the floor barely has any joints and there is no need for any gluing or welding. The floor resists damage from solid footwear or falls from the shooter’s equipment.

The thickness and composition of the floor must be determined by the firing regime and the weapons and ammunition used. The total floor thickness can be from 20 mm to 70 mm.

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