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For cows

Comfort for your cattle = way to long life and milking performance

Stable mat

Stable mat

Comfort for your cattle = way to long life and milking performance

Tenacious, elastic, resistant and cold insulating surface will be optimally adapted to cattle needs. Cattle´s hoof get often damaged when standing on hard surface, the rubber surface eliminates such damage saving costs associated with treatment. It is friendly to animals´joints, does not cause bruins and swelling as hard stable surface do. Thanks to the Gelpo floor, you will save bedding costs and minimise maintenance. In addition to the above, you will save costs in terms maintenance working time. Thank to draiage channels at the bottom side of the floor, the floor provides for faster drainange of liquids.

Rubber floor for cattle resting, motion and standing:

  • higher milk production
  • lower hoof treatment costs
  • higher fertility
  • lower own costs (maintenance, lower consumption of bedding straw)
  • protection of joints


1. Finish structure - ideal insulation and moisture drainage balance

  • Grooved finish pattern provides for better adhesion and anti-slip properties and, moreover, it supports surface drying. It adds animal stabling comfort.

2. Simply and fast assembly

  • The assembly of rubber floors is simple and fast. However, right installation conditions have to be adhered to. For the right assembly specifications see the assembly manual of each product. The manual is delivered together with the product from the manufacturer - Gelpo.

3. Easy and efficient maintenance

  • We recommend placing some crushed straw or mineral materials to the stable floor (in order to absorb moisture and avoid transfer of infection to
  • product may be cleaned with high pressure and commercial cleaning systems. We recommend surfaces to be cleaned with an arrow-shaped shovel.

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