Why is it better? There are several reasons. Compared to the existing concrete channels, rubber-cast iron channels have excellent anti-vibration and anti-noise properties, thus reducing vehicle noise and significantly extending the service life of the channel subsoil.

The service life of the rubber-cast iron channel is many times higher than that of conventional concrete, mainly due to the excellent properties of the rubber that absorbs shocks caused by traffic. As a result, the joints do not crumble, the channel does not fall through, and potholes are not formed as with conventional channels. It can be used for all road types and has a load capacity of 40 tons (certified according to ČSN EN 124.2, standard D400).

There are no special tools or mechanics required to install the channel; replacement takes place in exactly the same way as conventional ducts.

The environmental solution of this channel is, undoubtedly, of great benefit. The drainage cover is made from recycled rubber materials, which have a positive impact on the environment. We breathe life into unnecessary rubber waste to find its new application on the market.