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Rubber packages, anti-slip pads

The anti-slip, attenuation and vibration absorbing pad increases the friction force between layers of materials loaded and it reduces the need to install load fixing straps. It is used as a fill between shipped goods, below palettes or below bulk materials.

Anti-slip pads and slips

Anti-slip pads and slips


  • it prevents displacement
  • prevents scratching of transported material
  • it absorbs vibrations and noise
  • it shows verey good thermal insulation properties
  • resistant to vapour, weather conditions
  • 100% recyclable


Anti-slippery panels have many applications in haulage, for instance in truck, ship or container transport. They may be used as pads placed below palettes for below bulk cargo or as separating layer between products. They are often used as packaging materials - all sides of the shipped product are lined with panels in order to prevent its damage. They play an important role in the industry, for instance, rubber pads are used in the automotive industry as spare part packaging material preventing their scratching, abrasion etc.

We manufacture them in three various options:

  • anti-slip pad 2 000 x 200 x 10 mm
  • anti-slip pad 2 000 x 200 x 8 mm
  • anti-slip pad 2 000 x 100 x 5 mm

The pads may be customised and manufactured in various dimensions and densities.

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