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Sport surface system

Floor covering system can be used for virtually any sports ground (athletics tracks, tennis courts, multifuctional sports grounds). The underlying material is concrete, ssphalt or gravel bed.

The surface is smooth, it does not require frequent maintenance, the surface is not loose, but compact and solid. This surface is practically incomparable with grass, grit, mulch and other, because it is superior in durability (lifetime 12-15 years) as well as in functionality - no need to mow it, sweep the sand around, pick stones from the grass. The surface does not make the children dirty if wet or dusty in the dry days.

The surface is virtually maintenance-free and only requires sweeping away the dirt. To ensure aesthetic appearance, you can rinse it once a year with pressurized water.

Thanks to its construction, the surface reduces the risk of injury of children as a result of falling and is weather resistant. The surface is colour stable and UV stable.

Each wet pour rubber surface is designed for given type of sports ground to meet the requirements of a given location to ensure safety and comfort for the users of the sports ground. 

Thanks to the use of EPDM rubber, any colour design that you can think of on the surface can be created - see the GELPO EPDM colour chart. More complex graphics (brands, club names, corporate logos, city coats, etc.) can be created.

The total height of the surfaces depends on the height of the workout set and its critical fall height HIC.

HIC 160 cm - surface height 48 mm

HIC 240 cm - surface height 78 mm

HIC 280 cm - surface height 98 mm

HIC 320 cm - surface height 118 mm

HIC 390 cm - surface height 159 mm

Advantages of sport surface system:
  • high elasticity
  • good impact absorption
  • anti-slip surface high
  • coefficient of friction
  • aesthetic appearance
  • resistance to athletic footwear
  • the stadards ČSN 1177 : 2009 are met for the critical height of the fall HIC

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