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Workouts sports ground

Safety, quality and long durability

Plain tile

Plain tile

Tile with raster

Tile with raster

Safety, quality and long durability

A good sports ground is the basic for exercise. Whether it is a big city sports park or a small sports field for several persons, it should be safe, durable and should not lack suitable and safe exercise elements.

High-quality sports facillities attract the people a lot - today are especially popular the street workout playgrouns, which are actually like an open-air gym. Thanks to the booming of street workout playgrounds, it´s a good idea to take the teens away from computers and bring them to the sport. Sports facillities also make a significant contribution to suppressing unwanted social phenomena - they are proven to reduce criminality. And they are not just for the young, they are also appreciated by the parents of the children practising or even by the active seniors.

Advantages of rubber surfaces

  • safety
  • meet stringent standards and certification
  • elasticity (resilience in surface impact)
  • water permeability (drains water from the sports ground)
  • anti-slip
  • UV stabilized
  • allows year-round use of the workout sports ground

The quality is vital for the safety as weel as exercise:

Quality sports ground:

  • greatly increases the comfort
  • during the exercise, is safe
  • meets the highest standards and TUV certification
  • resistant in overload of individual elements
  • the development and testing is provided by experts as well as by top athletes

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